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Experienced in multiple business models, Danielle brings her aptitude and "tricks of the trade" to develop, empower, support and encourage growth in your business alongside her talented + creative team. She has dabbled in many different trades, always coming back to those who allow her space to help others.
The diversified life experience Danielle has gained in mixed backgrounds including work in the hospitality, medical, wellness, coaching, photography, administrative, real estate, criminal law and banking industries allows her to be well equipped to deal with all walks of life. 


Core Team Member
Virtual Assistant

Often referred to as a a self described “polymath”, Miranda possesses an incredible amount of integrity and passion in everything she does.

With over a decade in both the education and production fields, she brings a creative and unique perspective to our team. With a focus in theatre and film, she is a producer, creator and a "doer".

Owning a small business herself, she is most fulfilled when working with entrepreneurs and creative minds. Miranda is our social media maven!





Virtual Assistant

Donavan Freberg is a native of Los Angeles and a child of Hollywood royalty. He began his professional career at age 7 as a young commercial and voice actor and eventually walked into working in a world famous advertising agency, where he was an award winning copywriter for top tier brands like Sony, Apple and Nissan. From there, Donavan leapt to the other side of the camera, running his own successful portrait photography business, shooting private and commercial clients and working with several fortune 500 corporations. His work has been published in magazines from WIRED to Fast Company, Forbes, The New York Times, The LA times and Los Angeles Magazine. He is also formally trained in acupuncture, counseling psychology and homeopathic medicine. 
Donavan’s superpower is writing, storytelling, branding and helping people materialize their untamed dreams. His greatest joy is advocating for people who are underrepresented and his passion is helping diverse and daring outliers & iconoclasts find their mission, meaning and purpose. Donavan is a professional problem solver, wordsmith, sales wizard & persuasion expert and he is guided by compassion, curiosity, empathy and encouragement. He always strives to leave people better than he found them. Whatever your story, Donavan wants to help you tell it & sell it, and wherever your voice is, he wants to help you speak your truth. He’s an alchemist of ideas and he’s here to help, whether you are a launching a startup business from the ground up or commanding the ship as a seasoned C-suite executive.

Virtual Assistant

Matti brings organic charisma and eagerness to learn new systems and programs to our team. A life long learner, she is a go-getter and her vibrant personality shines a light on our clients and throughout Your Office Girls. Matti is energetic, friendly and a social media wiz!




Virtual Assistant

Delaney is a graduate student in Wildlife Management and brings a wealth of knowledge. Recently moving across the country, she is ready to work hard for our clients and learn all she can. Because she has a passion for creative thinking and empowering others, she makes an incredible asset to our team.


Virtual Assistant

Sarah resides in the heart of Tennessee. She's been married to the love of her live for the past ten years and is a mom to two beautiful girls with special needs who she advocates for daily. Sarah has a degree in Business Administration and excels with managing busy calendars, schedules and time management.