CEO + Founder

Experienced in multiple business models, Danielle brings her aptitude and "tricks of the trade" to develop, empower, support and encourage growth in your business alongside her talented + creative team. She has dabbled in many different trades, always coming back to those who allow her space to help others.
The diversified life experience Danielle has gained in mixed backgrounds including work in the hospitality, medical, wellness, coaching, photography, administrative, real estate, criminal law and banking industries allows her to be well equipped to deal with all walks of life.
She volunteers as an EMT on her local ambulance squad and as a Crisis Counselor for the Crisis Text Line. She is a Notary Public, a licensed Realtor®, a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and serves as the Social Media Liaison for Chariho Girl's Softball League.

Danielle Karsch


Virtual Assistant

Racheal is our dedicated specialist on both fundraising and public relations, critical parts to generating revenue. An award-winning non-profit manager who specializes in Internet Marketing, no matter what your needs are - Racheal can get your business "out there" using effective marketing techniques, including mastering social media platforms to help you cultivate the public image your business needs to thrive.

Racheal Bennett


Virtual Assistant

Often referred to as a a self described “polymath”, Miranda possesses an incredible amount of integrity and passion in everything she does. With over a decade in both the education and production fields, she brings a creative and unique perspective to our team. With a focus in theatre and film, she is a producer, creator and a "doer". Owning a small business herself, she is most fulfilled when working with entrepreneurs and creative minds. Miranda is our social media maven!

Miranda Riddle


Virtual Assistant

Delaney is a graduate student in Wildlife Management and brings a wealth of knowledge. Recently moving cross country, she is ready to work hard for our clients and learn all she can. Because she has a passion for creative thinking and empowering others, she makes an incredible asset to our team.

Delaney Krasner


Virtual Assistant

Bringing a pop of personality and positivity to our team, Allyson is excited to help our clients! She's well versed, well spoken and has a knack for voice-overs. She's our go-to for all things podcasts and audio!

Allyson Cristofaro


Virtual Assistant

Maya is a resourceful, smart, efficient, project manager with a diverse creative and marketing background. This carefully honed combination allows Maya to provide support for a variety of needs from developing strategies to executing graphics.



Virtual Assistant

Bringing over ten years of administrative experience to our team, Eileen is able to help our clients with poise, creativity and efficiency. She is competent with several high profile systems and tech-savy programs. Eileen is fantastic with Membership Management and scheduling and travel arrangement. She can multi-task and prioritize lists, respond to inquiries and has mastered the creation of digital documents.

Eileen Ward


Virtual Assistant & Transaction Coordinator

Kathleen is our resident expert on Financial Planning, with a focus on real estate, thanks to her years of experience in Mortgage + Investment banking, goal setting and account management. She is a licensed Realtor® with a formidable combination of expertise and amiable personality, she is able to build rapport with any team she works with and is properly equipped to handle any challenges your real estate transactions may face.

Kathleen Mullins